Brent Kornylo from Oshawa, Ontario
Financial situations are not only difficult to discuss with family, now, invite a total stranger in on your troubles.
I personally went through a stage of non-caring in every aspect of my life after my loss. My credit was getting worse and worse, mortgage was coming up for renewal, I was finally financially hand cuffed. I wanted the best in the business and that’s when I contacted Networth Mortgage Centre, talked with Jim on the phone and told him my troubles. Talking with Jim was like talking to a best friend I’ve known for all my life. He guided me in the right direction with his knowledge, wisdom, determination, empathy and professionalism. I honestly thought I was going to loose everything, but instead, Jim got me everything I wanted and needed to succeed, not only today but tomorrow and for years to come. Thank you!!


Erica Mange from Oshawa, Ontario

My husband and I chose Jim from his reviews and are absolutely glad we did. Jim is knowledgeable, professional and efficient. He did a great job of handling our refinance and finding us the best rate and lower monthly payments. We would highly recommend him to our family and friends for his knowledge and professionalism. Thank you Jim


Teressa Divionni from Oshawa, Ontario

Thanks to Jim I can breathe a bit more better since he helped me get my mortgage financing in order. My credit is not the best, but Jim and his found the lender that looked past this and helped me get the mortgage when no one else would look at it. You need Jim if you want the BEST rate and your MORTGAGE approved.

M. Machada  from Brooklin, Ontario
Jim and his team of mortgage professionals helped us save over 50% of high interest costs after he arranged a debt consolidation mortgage for us. We put all of our mortgages into one mortgage and it amazed me how he took care of everything through out the entire mortgage process. When you need the help of a mortgage broker in the Durham region I suggest call Jim, you will be glad you did.
M. Terrelonge from Markham, Ontario
I found Jim and I am so glad that I did. He is a financial professional through and through. His passion is helping people ensure their mortgage needs are taken care of. He and his team made sure the process was simple and done on time. I am so happy I have a professional such as Jim on my side. You need a mortgage, then call Jim.
Mika Midolo – CP24 Reporter
Claudio Midolo
from Pickering, Ontario
I highly highly recommend Jim to all my friends, colleagues and anyone that are looking to get the best mortgage package for your specific need and to buy and sale real estate . He has access to over 75 lenders that he constantly deals with…He is willing to offer incentives to deal with his firm for everyone who mentions me and my blog, but of course his service and passion for real estate and mortgages speaks for itself!

So if you are in need of a great mortgage and to get the best mortgage rate and package you should call him, he pointed out stuff that my bank didn’t point out to us…sooo He can definitely help when no one else can!

Bob Farrce from Whitby, Ontario
I am very pleased with the services from Jim and The Networth Mortgage Group. Jim took the time to provide very personal and professional service in getting me a second mortgage. My bank would not even consider an option for me and my family’s situation. Jim’s service saved me about two thirds of the cost of my mortgage in payments. I will definately recommend Jim to all my friends and family members.
Deb Kirkpatrick from Pickering, Ontario
I would strongly recommend Jim to anyone without hesitation. He is a compassionate person that puts the humanity back into the system of black and white, numbers and digits. I am eternally grateful to Jim for his hard work in sticking with something that was extraordinary and challenging because of my power of sale situation. He helped save my home when no one else would. I valued his professional attitude, but most of all, his ability to see beyond the paramaters.
Jason Dohanue  from Toronto, Ontario

We had used a different mortgage professional last time, but wanted to give Jim a try, as we heard about his great reputation on helping people get the best mortgage possible. We cannot stress enough the importance of selecting an informative mortgage professional, such as Jim. Not only has he spent countless hours on our behalf, but he ended up saving us thousands of dollars by getting us the lowest interest rate on the market. We highly recommend Jim, as you will be assured efficient, knowlegable service.

Hali and Gerrard Tobbey  from Oshawa, Ontario

We were in such of a pickle with our 3 mortgage lenders. First I lost my full time job of 20 years and employment insurance finished. Then my wife had a major car accident where she needed me at her bed side for 6 months. Then our bills just kept on climbing to an uncontrollable figure where I thought we had no alternative than bankruptcy. We tried 3 mortgage professionals and none of them helped us out. We were then referred to Jim and thank goodness for that. He sat down and took our situation in his hands. He put together one mortgage where he paid all 3 mortgages out and all of our debts and we had one mortgage with one low manageable mortgage payment. Because of him we are now on our feet and everything is fine. Thanks very much Jim from both of us.