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It has been apparent that these days getting a mortgage is getting tougher and tougher. They might be making it sound that it is for your own good but do not be fooled. The big banks and the government are stating that the new mortgage rules which are in place are for your own protection.

This is so weird that it is amazing to me how they are ok with saying that you can not manage your own mortgage. To get a mortgage you need to be able to pay it back, whether this is for a purchase or a refinance. And you have some sort of equity, whether it be sweat equity or a cash down payment.

Lets face it the banks are ok for the day to things like chequing, savings, and investing….but when it comes down to it the BEST advice has always and still continue to be from an educated, experienced, and knowledgeable independent mortgage broker. The mortgage broker can actually sit down with you, go over your wants and needs and put together the right plan of action to get the best mortgage product for your needs.

It is not a matter of rocket science just pure common sense.

And not each and every client is the same. Whether you are looking to purchase, consolidate debts, renew and existing mortgage, pull equity out for an investment or business venture or for the needs of your children….everyone has a different need.

My company is here to get what you need and that is a mortgage that truly is there for your particular situation.


We deal is all sorts of situation.

WE GUARANTEE TO BEAT ANY BANK MORTGAGE – Call and Speak to Jim for Full Details on this offer and how YOU can benefit.

Looking for the right answers to ALL your Residential and Commercial mortgage financing needs?


Some of the services I offer:
– Residential FIRST mortgages up to 95%.
– Residential SECOND Mortgages up to 95%.
– INSURED Mortgages (90% financing with a 5% cash back).

– NON-INSURED Mortgages (95% financing).
– Commercial mortgages up to 90% financing.
-Rent To Own programs if you do not get approved through regular financing.
– Mortgage packages and rates better then the banks.
– Private Mortgages available.
– Mortgages to buy a rental property with little MONEY Down.
– Mortgages to CONSOLIDATE ALL your debts and have ONE LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT.
– Mortgages to STOP POWER OF SALE proceedings.
– Mortgages to payout property tax arrears.
– Mortgages to use equity in your home to expand your business.
– Mortgages for the Self Employed Professionals.
– Equity-take out mortgages to invest in high return investments.
– Re-establish credit with a credit card with $1000.00 security deposit.
– Mortgages to help with you children’s education or take a great vacation.


There is also those that in a very tough situation and the bank have been dealing with for years say they can not help….but in fact they do not want to help.

A good question is this situation: Are you behind on your mortgage payments?

Are you 1,2,3,4, or 5 months behind and is the lender about to take over your home?
Will your current mortgage lender not renew your mortgage?
Is the sheriff’s office knocking at your door?
Are creditors calling you night and day?
Is the Canada Revenue Agency coming after your home?
Is your property tax department proceeding with a tax sale?
Is the Retail or GST Tax department after you?
Have the banks and other lender’s turned YOU down?
Do you think there is no solution for you and your family?

I have the money to get you the help you need.
There are other solutions that I can offer if mortgage refinancing will not resolve your current issue.
Do you need help?  Do you want help?

Quick closings…. Quick process…. Honest help.

I am not here to judge, just help.

Call me and I will show you how I can help.


Want proof: Ask for my list of references from all my past clients – They were happy I got them what they needed.

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General Jetmir Amitofski 20 Oct

It amazes me how the media blows everything out of proportion. Not only did they do this in the past but they also continue to do this. The situation that must be considered here is what trully needs to be controlled to ensure the consumer is not getting overwhelmed with debt. Debt is a factor that all Canadians must be in control. The biggest problem in Canada is high interest financing. The biggest problem is not mortgages but credit casrds. Mortgage professional associsations have tried to explain this to the government but it seems never to be taken care of. As seasoned mortgage broker the fact is we need more control with the high interest credit cards. Without the credit cards being controlled then Canadians will be using this and not realizing the end results. The thing to come across here is that if the government would like to ensure canadians are not getting overwhelmed with too much debt load then there must be control over the fees and interest rates the credit card companies are charging.