General Jetmir Amitofski 20 Oct

It amazes me how the media blows everything out of proportion. Not only did they do this in the past but they also continue to do this. The situation that must be considered here is what trully needs to be controlled to ensure the consumer is not getting overwhelmed with debt. Debt is a factor that all Canadians must be in control. The biggest problem in Canada is high interest financing. The biggest problem is not mortgages but credit casrds. Mortgage professional associsations have tried to explain this to the government but it seems never to be taken care of. As seasoned mortgage broker the fact is we need more control with the high interest credit cards. Without the credit cards being controlled then Canadians will be using this and not realizing the end results. The thing to come across here is that if the government would like to ensure canadians are not getting overwhelmed with too much debt load then there must be control over the fees and interest rates the credit card companies are charging.